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Perth - Thursday 19 May 2016 5:45pm for 6:15pm

Perth Chapter
Thu, 19 May 2016 05:45 AM - 06:15 AM
St. Catherine’s College, corner of Stirling Highway and Winthrop Avenue, Crawley (entrance off Stirling Highway)

Venue: St. Catherine’s College, corner of Stirling Highway and Winthrop Avenue, Crawley (entrance off Stirling Highway). Click here to view map .

Please note Parking Arrangements at St Catherine’s
The Front Car Park is for now available for meeting attendees. A permit which is available at the ATAA meeting reception desk must be displayed on the dash of the vehicle. All vehicles parked on St Catherine’s grounds must display a permit to avoid a fine. Free parking is still available in the three hour bays along Park Road and outside the UWA Recreation Centre.

Additional Parking at St Catherine’s
Additional parking is now available. Click here to view map.

Visitors are welcome. First visit is free. Subsequent visits $40. No booking required.

6:15pm: Welcome and Announcements

6:20pm: Alan Clement - Global Markets Technical Outlook
Markets around the world are still very much in a state of flux, but is the volatility here to stay? Join Alan for his ever popular quarterly market update, where he will pick apart the events of the last few months and determine the levels and patterns to look for in the months ahead. Using a variety of technical tools and chart types, he will delve into momentum, support, resistance, sentiment and market breadth to analyse local and overseas stock markets, currencies and commodities. This is valuable input to developing your own market road map for the coming weeks and months, and should not be missed.

6:50pm: Trading Strategy Development in Practice
How do we know if any particular set of trading rules are better than any others? How do we know what sort of metrics our own discretionary system produces? How do we know the effect of adding a stop loss or a profit target to a system? The only way to answer these questions is to test our ideas against a long term price history of the market we are intending to trade. This will produce metrics for return, drawdown, expectancy, trade frequency and win rate - giving us expectations of what the strategy is capable of before we throw real money at it. Of course many traders and investors think this process is difficult to master and that you need to be some sort of computer whiz to achieve it. In this practical presentation with a difference, Alan will seek to dispel this myth and show with real world examples that this can be achieved by most of us with just basic computer skills.

He'll take a basic set of rules and demonstrate in real time how they can be translated into instructions and back-tested. He will then refine the system by adding additional filters and various entry and exit rules. This will be your chance to participate and add your rules to try. With each iteration, the effect on system performance will be seen. The final set of system rules will be available to all attendees to take away and test in their own trading environment.

Alan Clement is a trading systems designer and independent trader with 25 years experience in the financial industry. He enjoyed a long career in both investment management and with a top-tier investment bank as a software developer and project manager before going on to manage his own independent trading business. As well as trading the markets, he develops quantitative trading systems which target high risk-adjusted returns, in both local and overseas markets. He also provides consultancy and training to private and institutional traders and investors. Alan is an IFTA Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) and an ATAA Councillor with the Melbourne Chapter. He shares his market analysis, trading strategy signals and further details of his system development training program at

8.00 for 8.15 pm - After Meeting Dinner
Tiamo Restaurant (200m walk up Hampden Road).

Further Information:
Derek Locke: 0447 744 493
Julian Burridge: 08 9284 2092
Next meeting: 16th June
Next speaker: Bruce Wood
Future meetings: Usually the 3rd Thursday of each month

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