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Thursday, 11 May 2017 5:15 pm for 6:00 pm

Melbourne Chapter
Thu, 11 May 2017 12:00 AM
Telstra Conference Centre, Level 1, 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
03 8804 1726 (AH) or 0414 836 063

4:30 to 5:50 pm Networking - Coopers Inn: 282 Exhibition Street (corner of Little Lonsdale St).
Please note new arrangements at Coopers Inn.  The networking will take place on the ground floor from 5pm, at the rear end of the bar area (it will be partitioned off for us). At this time of day, the Happy Hour applies to your drink purchases.  Note new start time.
5:45 pm onwards at the Telstra Conference Centre
Level 1, 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne (Corner Exhibition and Lonsdale Streets).
Enter from the corner of Lonsdale Street, and head up the escalator, or via the internal plaza from the rear of Coopers Inn.  Parliament railway station is not far away.
Possible car parking options
Secure Parking 59 Lonsdale Street.
Wilson Parking 150 Lonsdale Street.
Wesley Uniting Church (JM Car Parks) 140 Lonsdale Street.
Visitors are welcome. First visit free, subsequent visits $40.  If a member is responsible for signing up a new member, the member can receive a discount off their next annual renewal fee.
5:30pm: Telstra Conference Centre
Sale of Dinner - with-drink Tickets $30. Please pay by cash.
6:00pm: Guest Speaker: Kalvert Clark – Researcher and Tutor
Topic: "Antifragile"
Previous talks at the ATAA have been on Cycles, Volatility and Planetary Forecasting.  Although he was going to talk on these matters again, he realised that there was something more important that needed addressing.  He was introduced to the concept of the Black Swan during the March meeting at the ATAA.  Following the thoughts of Nassim Nicholas Taleb the author of the "Black Swan"., it became clear to Kalvert that he should talk about Taleb's ideas on ANTIFRAGILE as they relate directly to risk in the market.  Kalvert is not a trader, but he enjoys the research associated with the markets.
Kalvert Clark studies W. D. Gann and Gann's extensive research in statistical analysis, planetary movements and their effects on the markets.
7:00pm Break (and last minute dinner orders)
7:10pm: Guest Speaker: Des Bleakley – Trader and Investor
Topic: “Standardised MACD”
Having a mathematical background, Des is naturally drawn towards charts to assist with trading decisions in support of his trend trading philosophy. As such, he has tried many different indicators in search of that elusive "Holy Grail", and has gone down many interesting but not perhaps fruitful alleys over the years. He subscribes to the "Keep It Simple - Stupid" principle, and will show how an approach along the "KISS" lines  can be implemented without too much effort, and yield satisfactory results. The desire to over complicate matters is a constant threat.
Des will demonstrate how he generates a universe of stocks of manageable size, which he then further analyses to arrive at a shortlist of stocks for consideration. Des has used the MACD indicator for many years, however the standard MACD has some limitations. These shortfalls will be demonstrated, and MACD will be modified to become an even better indicator. This improved MACD (named SMACD) is then used to refine stock selection.  
This talk is practical and real world and shows how one ATAA member approaches trading in the stock market on a daily basis. For those of a like mind, there may be aspects of Des' approach which may appeal to other members.
Des Bleakley has been a member of the ATAA for the past couple of years and has been a share investor for over 20 years. He retired from the workforce five years ago and now makes his living managing the assets within his SMSF, this being invested totally in equities (and cash). In this regard, his profile is probably closely aligned to that of many other ATAA members. In this presentation Des shows how he views the market in general, and how in particular he trades to make a living return, with a primary focus on keeping his wife in a manner to which she is accustomed. Many other ATAA members will readily relate to this scenario.
8.15 pm: Dinner and more networking: Coopers Inn, 282 Exhibition Street.
Please note minor changes with the new networking/dinner venue:- $30 for a main course. Please order dinner before the meeting in the normal way (after 5:30pm at our own Dinner Desk in the Telstra Conference Centre).
Further information: Paul Ash - Victorian ATAA Council President
Phone: 03 8804 1726 (AH) or 0414 836 063
Next meeting: 8th June 2017
Venue: Telstra Conference Centre, Level 1, 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne.
Speakers: Alan Clement and Neil Godwin
Future meetings: Generally on the second Thursday of the month.


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