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Thursday, 13 April 2017 5:15 pm for 6:00 pm

Melbourne Chapter
Thu, 13 Apr 2017 12:00 AM
Telstra Conference Centre, Level 1, 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
03 8804 1726 (AH) or 0414 836 063

4:30 to 5:50 pm Networking - Coopers Inn: 282 Exhibition Street (corner of Little Lonsdale St).
Please note new arrangements at Coopers Inn. The networking will take place on the ground floor from 5pm, at the rear end of the bar area (it will be partitioned off for us). At this time of day, the Happy Hour applies to your drink purchases. Note new start time.

5:45 pm onwards at the Telstra Conference Centre
Level 1, 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne (Corner Exhibition and Lonsdale Streets).
Enter from the corner of Lonsdale Street, and head up the escalator, or via the internal plaza from the rear of Coopers Inn. Parliament railway station is not far away.

Possible car parking options
Secure Parking 59 Lonsdale Street.
Wilson Parking 150 Lonsdale Street.
Wesley Uniting Church (JM Car Parks) 140 Lonsdale Street.

Visitors are welcome. First visit free, subsequent visits $40. If a member is responsible for signing up a new member, the member can receive a discount off their next annual renewal fee.

5:30pm: Telstra Conference Centre
Sale of Dinner - with-drink Tickets $30. Please pay by cash.

6:00pm: Guest Speaker: David Hunt – Trader, Chartist and Advisor
Topic: Mistakes I made in 2016 and what I learnt from them! What you need to succeed and keep some money in your pocket at the very least”
Trading is a very difficult business and most people fail i.e. lose money and or give up because they do not do their homework or manage their positions and trade management does not exist. It is well known that, statistically, most traders are not profitable. David believes the reason for this is they have not used all of the tools that WD Gann taught, and he will discuss these and other topics in his presentation, including,
- Time Analysis - So you know when to step in and step up.
- Price Analysis - So you know where to step in and step up.
- Pattern Analysis - Where you can see what the mass of losers are doing.
- Entry Techniques - So you have good trade location and good risk reward.
- Trade Management and Position Stripping - So you milk the market without giving away your best positions.
- Exit management and Strategies, so you don't blindly get out at the wrong time only to see the trade go on without you.

David Hunt specialises in market analysis, charting, Elliott wave trading, WD Gann, market timing, market forecasting and providing advice on ASX equities. He is a founding member of the ATAA and APTA and lectured for the Securities Institute of Australia. David Hunt has over 35 years’ of market experience, including and 27 years of Corporate Market experience trading and investing in currencies, ASX shares, commodities, interest rates, bonds, U.S. stocks, and futures. David has traded for fund managers, investment banks and large corporations including CIG Ltd, AUSSAT, Macquarie Bank, Qantas, RSB Morgans, Bloom Financial, BBY, ANZ and assorted funds.

6:55m Break (and last minute dinner orders)

7:00pm: Guest Speaker: Cameron Mitchell – Professional Full Time Trader 
Topic: “Simple Geometry and Psychology In The Financial Markets – 12 Steps to Trading Success”
Some of the topics that Cameron will cover include:
Three simple techniques that will dramatically increase your win / loss ratio
How you can use these techniques on any financial market and any time frame (Weekly, Daily, Intraday)
How to use simple geometry to maximise profits and pin point your entry
How to eliminate that feeling of dread in your stomach when placing a trade
How to develop your own non-emotional pre-trade routine. I will show you how I trade LIVE
Why back testing is so important and how to do it properly
How to use simple stop loss and profit targets and WHY to use them
How Wall Street Traders use Time and Price to determine the safest entry point
How to model the psychology of a professional athlete

Cameron Mitchel is a professional full-time trader with over 22 years’ experience. He trades several markets, specialising in the S&P 500, DAX, crude oil, foreign exchange and ASX shares. He also runs a multi-million dollar private managed fund and personally mentors a small select group of students each year. During the past 22 years he has lost everything 3 times, had his broker go into liquidation where he lost 95% of his wealth overnight, has lost $500,000 on a trade in one night and sat there in disbelief as it plunged, has broken all his rules many times, ignored his stop losses and like most has placed a trade based on emotion more than once.
But it’s these failures and losses that have made him the successful trader he is today. As a professional trader he has traded stocks, futures, options and CFDs on all the major financial exchanges and after many hours of back testing and experience he has developed a unique trading system which has allowed him to personally achieve a 80%+ win/loss ratio. He has privately taught his system for 17 years to students in Australia and internationally, and is regularly asked to speak to both traders and investors about his experience with technical analysis and trading psychology.

8.15 pm: Dinner and more networking: Coopers Inn, 282 Exhibition Street.
Please note minor changes with the new networking/dinner venue:- $30 for a main course. Please order dinner before the meeting in the normal way (after 5:30pm at our own Dinner Desk in the Telstra Conference Centre).

Further information: Paul Ash - Victorian ATAA Council President
Phone: 03 8804 1726 (AH) or 0414 836 063
Next meeting: 11th May 2017
Venue: Telstra Conference Centre, Level 1, 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne.
Speakers: Kalvert Clark and Des Bleakley
Future meetings: Generally on the second Thursday of the month.


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