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Sunday, 28 August 2016 at 9:00am

Melbourne Chapter
Sun, 28 Aug 2016 12:00 AM
0414 836 063

9:00AM         Robert Grigg
Robert will introduce the concept and principles behind System or Quant Trading.

9:30AM        Bruce Wood   Designing, Developing and Testing a ‘Rules Based‘  System.
Outlining his approach and experiences in the designing, developing and testing of a trading system.

11:30AM       Alan Clement Trading Strategy Design : Theory Session
In this session, Alan will outline the theory and the practical steps required to develop a robust trading strategy. He'll discuss such areas as: What makes a good trading system?  How do we know if one entry or exit is better than another?  How do we come up with a trading system that suits our personality and lifestyle, and meets our trading objectives?  Alan will also outline the process of investigating, testing and quantifying trading ideas - as well as pointing out some of the pitfalls typically made along the way. He will demonstrate the role skill and luck play in trading, and will show why some entries and exits work better than others.  He'll also discuss why just getting the market direction right is not enough to make consistent gains over the long run.

12:30PM       LUNCH

1:30PM          Alan Clement Trading Strategy Design : Practical SessionIn this session, Alan will give a practical demonstration of creating a trading strategy using the Amibroker platform. He'll take an idea from a chart observation through the full development lifecycle of coding, backtesting, adjusting, optimising and validating. This will also be your chance to input your own ideas to the development and see the effects on the results. If you have Amibroker available on your laptop, you are welcome to follow along with the examples.

2:30PM         Gary Stone    
Gary will demonstrate how some well-known technical indicators can be used in a quantitative manner to time entries and exits on a longer term timeframe. He'll show how this can be especially useful when trading ETFs, indexes and large cap stocks in Australia and the USA, particularly when coupled with leverage to boost returns when the market is trending.
3:30PM         Bruce Wood   TechTrader
A practical review of the ‘TechTrader’ ‘Rules Based’ trading system

4:00PM        Question and Answer Panel
Attendee’s chance to invite the speakers to clarify points or ideas that were not readily grasped.


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