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Conference Program Day 2 - Saturday, 8 Oct 2022



Day 2 Introduction



Gema Goeyardi: Make bigger profits in crisis time with Astronacci eye of future
In this session, Gema will outline how to find accurate top and bottom dates using astro cycles, how to achieve high win rate trading in volatile markets, and the use of the inter-market relation of macro and price action.



Morning Tea, Coffee and Networking



Dr Tom Starke: Why risk management is more important than profit - Rethinking trading objectives in uncertain market conditions
With a strong focus on profits, risk management is only an afterthought for many traders. However, if done well it can not only protect you from large losses and help you sleep but also make you more profitable. In this talk we take a deep dive into various aspects of risk management and how to think about it and boost your profitability in uncertain markets.



Short comfort break



Mike Smith: TBA
To be annoumced



LUNCH: Table discussions topics and networking - Restaurant



Akihiro Niimi: Exploring Investment Opportunities in Metaverse
There are huge investment opportunities to the digital assets in metaverse. We can enjoy the capital gains acerated by the growth of metaverse and receive the higher income gains by digital land development business. However, it is not easy to evaluate the land prices and the market has been experiencing two bubble bursts since 2020. Technical analysis is one of the realistic tools to take the timing rather than evaluating fundamental value of the digital assets. I strongly believe we, technical analysts, success in this digital market.



Break - Plenary



Chris Tate: The Lure of Complexity
In trading the future is opaque - we do not know what tomorrow brings for our instruments. Unfortunately, traders fail to appreciate this and layer their trading systems with greater and greater complexity in an attempt to remove this uncertainty. My view is that the majority of technical analysis is of little help to traders and is actually a hindrance because it promotes complexity rather than simplicity in its decision-making process.



Day 2 Close



Conference Gala Dinner, 18:30 for 19:00 - (Optional Please register for the Gala Dinner when making your conference Booking). Includes Three-Course Meal and Drinks


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