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Conference Program Day 3 - Sunday, 9 Oct 2022



Day 3 Introduction



Rolf Wetzer: Trade Management within a Trading Process
Trading process includes everything from initial homework and preparation, mental state, execution and trade management and a host of other factors so important to developing consistency and minimizing unforced errors while trading. Linda will go through what her trading process is for both discretionary and systematic trading, helpful tips about avoiding common mistakes, eliminating distractions and staying confident yet flexible. Any approach must be simple and streamlined and balanced! Traders fail not from lack of knowledge but from holes in their process!



Morning Tea, Coffee and Networking



Giovanni Trombetta: Towards a new Asset Allocation paradigm based on Wisdom of Crowds and powered by AI models and Blockchain technology

Starting from the state of the art of backtesting techniques of trading and investment strategies, the strengths and weaknesses of these models are analysed, focusing on their ability to make each approach persistent and robust. We then move on to a new operating scheme, in which the backtest is no longer the key to reading, but the ability to obtain good models from a swarm of weak predictors. The one proposed is a paradigm that entrusts the task of forecasting the markets to thousands of anonymous data scientists, to a single AI-based Meta-Model that of extracting value from the indications received. All powered by a crypto token that periodically remunerates the best predictors. Finally, the operating results of a weekly asset allocation on the crypto world are presented.



LUNCH: Table discussions topics and networking - Restaurant



Adrian Reid: How to Evolve as a trader to maximise opportunity (& manage risk) in an uncertain world

Details to follow



Short Comfort Break



Jamie Coutts: Applying a Multidisciplinary Approach to Crypto and Digital Assets

Jamie will illustrate how the emergence of a new asset class provides unexplored possibilities for investors, why on-chain data is materialising as an important component in crypto-asset analysis. He will also investigate how on-chain data can be synthesised with traditional analytical frameworks such as macro and technical analysis to improve returns, and how we can apply technical analysis techniques from traditional asset classes to crypto and digital assets.



Wieland Arnt: Closing Address



Afternoon Tea, Coffee and Networking


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