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Conference Program - Sunday



Conference Exhibitors Open - Atrium



Tea, Coffee and Networking - Atrium



Notices- Plenary



Linda Raschke: Trading Process - Plenary
Trading process includes everything from initial homework and preparation, mental state, execution and trade management and a host of other factors so important to developing consistency and minimizing unforced errors while trading. Linda will go through what her trading process is for both discretionary and systematic trading, helpful tips about avoiding common mistakes, eliminating distractions and staying confident yet flexible. Any approach must be simple and streamlined and balanced! Traders fail not from lack of knowledge but from holes in their process!



Tea, Coffee and Networking - Atrium



Andrew Swanscott: An Algorithmic Approach to Trading Cryptocurrencies - Plenary
With the rise of cryptocurrency prices and the introduction of BitCoin Futures, there's alot of buzz about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, however opinions are divided on the legitimacy and future of these newer markets. Are cryptocurrencies just a fad or are they here to stay, and if they are here to stay, how can we leverage them as traders? In this presentation, we'll take a brief look at the history of bitcoin, the advantages and challenges, plus we'll analyse key market characteristics to discover potential opportunities for algorithmic trading approaches.



LUNCH: Table discussions topics and networking - Restaurant



Cam Mitchell: Simple Geometry & Psychology in The Financial Markets - Plenary

The presentation will cover the following areas:

  • Three simple techniques that will dramatically increase your win / loss ratio
  • How you can use these techniques on any financial market and any time frame (Weekly, Daily, Intraday)
  • How to use simple geometry to maximise profits and pin point your entry
  • How to eliminate that feeling of dread in your stomach when placing a trade
  • How to develop your own non-emotional pre-trade routine. I will show you how I trade LIVE
  • Why back testing is so important and how to do it properly
  • How to use simple stop loss and profit targets and WHY to use them
  • How Wall Street Traders use Time and Price to determine the safest entry point
  • How to model the psychology of a professional athlete.



Break - Plenary



Panel Q&A Discussion - Plenary



Closing Address - Plenary



Tea, Coffee and Networking - Atrium


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