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Linda Raschke: Modelling Price Structure and Modelling Strategies - Plenary
Linda will share insights and tips from 3 decades of research and modeling. She will discuss how she developed and uses a quantifiable approach for price structure as well as different questions to ask when modeling. She will then take this a step further and discuss how to develop strategies to take advantage of certain price structures, the importance of recognizing state changes, and markers that can indicate arbitrage opportunities. This is meant to be practical with interesting conceptual angles of value to those who do not do backtesting and modeling work!



Tea, Coffee and Networking - Atrium



 Kris Longmore: Time is Money: Fast, Robust Feedback on Trading Ideas - Plenary
Researching and developing systematic trading strategies is difficult and time-consuming. There exists a vast universe of possible approaches to the markets, and traders can spend significant amounts of time performing research that yields little of value. While the chronic rejection of one's ideas is a way of life for trading systems researchers (only a small percentage of ideas ever see production), a principled, objective approach to early idea evaluation ensures that time and effort is reserved for ideas most likely to yield performant trading strategies.
Here we present a quantitative work-flow for fast, informative and robust feedback on early-stage trading ideas. The work-flow interfaces seamlessly with several data sources (local and remote), leverages modern high-performance computing techniques, and provides objective, quantitative feedback using sound statistical analysis. Best of all, the work-flow's infrastructure is built on free and open source software, and it can be used to evaluate any trading strategy whose signals can be computed prior to its simulation, making it particularly relevant to TA-based trading strategies.



Major Sponsor Presentation - Plenary



Alan Oliver: Time - The Forgotten Dimension - Plenary
Trading has many methods available, and each trader will take on a method or system that appeals to their preferred outcome. W.D.Gann created his own methods and tools; some of these have been very hot topics amongst traders. Gann focussed on Time as his most important trading technique, and in doing so created several Time factors that he used to remarkable effect. We will look at his Time factors, showing traders incredible numbers working on each and every segment of the market. These factors have been very hard to learn but when put into simple terms on current charts these techniques reveal outstanding opportunities well before the rest of the trading public realises a reversal is in play.



LUNCH: Table discussions topics and networking - Restaurant



Dan Gramza: Trading in the Eye of the Storm - Plenary
Trade with confidence and focus, and overcome the storms of emotional traps and negative thought pitfalls that prevent you from consistently implementing your trading strategy. This intensive talk provides you with the information and tools necessary to build a strong trading mental skill set, and shows you how to remain in the present trading moment and emotionally neutral while your trading strategy and the market do the work. Dan will show you how the synchronization of mind, body and spirit, so critical to effective practice of any martial art can help you remain mentally alert, yet relaxed and physically prepared to tackle any market challenge.



Break - Plenary



Brent Penfold: Back to the Future for Practical Trading in Ever Changing Markets - Plenary
Never before has uncertainty dominated the markets like it has today. Traders have never had so many big questions to answer. Will the Euro hold together? Will the USA get a handle on its debt and deficit? Will China return to trend growth? Will Japan reverse its demographic decline? Will central banks reduce their balance sheets? With so many unanswered questions and so much uncertainty is it no wonder that so many traders in so many markets are looking for practical ways to profit in ever changing markets? Yet despite global anxiety and confusion there is a core body of trading knowledge within the markets that can provide a level of certainty. Certainty that traders can use to rebuild their confidence and begin to trade again with purpose and profit. Knowledge that experienced traders know and inexperienced traders don't.
Brent will be sharing a common overlooked strategy that works as well today as it did when it was first discovered. This presentation will be a walk down memory lane to remind attendees that the more markets change the more they stay the same.



Break - Plenary



Conference Huddles - Plenary



Conference Gala Dinner, 18:30 for 19:00 - President's Room


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