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Conference Opening Address - ATAA President- Plenary



Chris Weston: Inflation and Volatility - Plenary
Developed market central banks have distorted and manipulated financial markets to such an extent, with asset markets responding and moving to levels that now pose undeniable risks that they themselves are now genuinely concerned about financial stability. The one key risk to markets then is ultimately the one thing they are trying to create; inflation. Importantly, there are signs that price pressures are coming and central banks may have to act aggressively or risk falling way behind the curve.
In this presentation, Chris looks at a number of key charts that argue for higher inflation, which could ultimately become a major volatility event. The central bank inspired trade, that has cornered money managers to sell volatility structures while going equities and high yield credit, may have to be unwound rapidly. By understanding the triggers and applying a technical and price action overlay, we can protect our capital and even profit should volatility break out in the months ahead.



Tea, Coffee and Networking - Atrium



Dan Gramza: Exploit Opportunities in the Stock, Options and Futures  Markets - Plenary
Take your trading strategy to the next level. Discover new trading strategies and gain insights into the markets with the power of Behavioral Japanese candle charting. Dan shares his proprietary approach to what he refers to as Behavioral Japanese candle trading techniques. His simplified approach will provide clarity to how you look at the markets. Drawing on over 30 years of trading experience Dan will apply these concepts real time and identify trading opportunities to current markets selected by the audience. Whether you're new to trading or are an experienced trader, Dan's exclusive presentation will provide you with new tools to identify trading opportunities.



LUNCH: Table discussions topics and networking - Restaurant



Kevin Saunders: Trading Models are Wrong, But That's  OK - Plenary
Trading models are never perfect. Sometimes they will be wrong. It is impossible to predict all market outcomes because the real world is nuanced. Models are invaluable, however, because unlike the complex world, models are predictable. So why not trade the model, instead of the market? Kevin will speak about building portfolios of robust trading logic and working with weaknesses inherent in trading systems. It is all about taming the beast via system portfolio management.


Break - Plenary


Bruce Vanstone: Cross Sectional and Time Series Momentum - Plenary
Much of Bruce's work over the years has been focused on both the cross-sectional and time-series momentum anomalies. In his presentation, Bruce will explain the momentum approach, the techniques and potential pitfalls in momentum investment, and the academic and statistical evidence supporting it. Bruce will also show some of his latest research on momentum, including new ranking metrics, and the application of momentum to ETFs.



Tea, Coffee and Networking - Atrium



Stephen Harvey: New Market Wizards; Old Market Gods - the changing risk landscape of Technical  Analysis - Plenary
During this conversation I will review the current landscape of Technical Analysis and consider what it is that binds our discipline together. I will consider a mixture of some of the more common trading risks discussed in the literature and those that are equally common - but rarely discussed. Consideration will also be given to emergent risks. For each risk identified, effective mitigation strategies will be outlined.
In keeping with the Conference's emphasis on the practical application of knowledge a specific tool and methodology for the management of any risk will be provided. The presentation will be sufficiently grounded in the evidence to enable attendees to separate the facts about risks from the hype and the headlines.



Break - Plenary



Meet the Speaker Sessions - Breakout Rooms
A hugely popular unscripted Question and Answer session for the first 60 conference registrations.


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