Education Overview 

Education in technical analysis is one of the main objectives of the ATAA.

This is being addressed in several ways. The monthly chapter meetings, SIG meetings, and annual conferences are all focused on educating members and increasing their knowledge and skills. However, in addition the ATAA offers, or shortly will offer, a number of more formal educational courses.

Firstly, we are pleased to be able to offer courses targeting the IFTA CFTe qualification from the first half of 2018. This is a home study computer based course.

The ATAA is also looking to offer short courses. Some of these will be classroom based courses, typically over a weekend, as well as short computer based courses.

For those new to technical analysis, it is planned to make available a two day introductory course, which is currently being evaluated. Further, a recommended starter book and other resource list is to be made available.

There are also more advanced resource lists, as well as new resource lists, whereby members who have read a new book, for example, can add that to the resource list, together with their comments on the book.

The ATAA holds monthly presentations in each of its chapters across Australia.

There are a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGS) that meet to discuss specific areas of interest (eg quantitative analysis and trading)

The ATAA maintains a wealth of presentations and other resources from global leading exponents and practitioners of technical analysis. Some of these have been gathered from International and Australian conferences.