Module 1 – The definition and philosophy of charting

Understanding technical analysis

Criticisms of technical analysis

Type of Charts

Top Down Analysis

Understanding Indices

How to compare a stock’s performance with an Index

 Module 2 – Share Trends

Support and Resistance

 Module 3 – Moving Averages

Trend Bands

Bollinger Bands


Fibonacci Lines

Measured Moves

 Module 4 – Reversal and Continuation Patterns


Flags and Pennants


 Module 5 – Indicators


Price Oscillator

Relative Strength Index

Stochastic Oscillator

Moving Average Convergence Divergence 

On Balance Volume

Percent Price and Volume

 Module 6 – Portfolio Management

Investment Objectives

Risk Reward

Portfolio balance and construction options

 Module 7 – Portfolio Management

tSector Spread

Position Spread

Focussed investing

Tactical disciplines

Management Disciplines (stop losses and breakouts)

Risk assessment

Monitoring and review

Paper trading

Recording and tax management 

 Module 8 – Scanning the market  

Building a scan

Finding stocks by using scanning techniques

Setting up a watch list