The ATAA Online Introductory Technical Analysis Course

The ATAA Online Introductory Technical Analysis Course creation is the culmination of many man-hours of work over numerous years.

The course material originated from a course that was presented in Western Australia over many years between 1995 and Dec 2018. This very successful course provided 8 * 2 hour modules and was delivered in the Face-to-Face format. Numerous Perth ATAA members were introduced to Technical Analysis by undertaking this course.

Over the last 18 months the content has updated and modernised for an online format and it includes it’s very own bespoke Charting Software (Modular Charts). It is still delivered as 8 individual modules which cover everything from Chart Types to Money Management. The ATAA is very pleased to have established a partnership agreement with Chartwise Market Solutions to provide this highly regarded course to our members.


 Module 1 – The definition and philosophy of charting

Understanding technical analysis

Criticisms of technical analysis

Type of Charts

Top Down Analysis

Understanding Indices

How to compare a stock’s performance with an Index

 Module 2 – Share Trends

Support and Resistance

 Module 3 – Moving Averages

Trend Bands

Bollinger Bands


Fibonacci Lines

Measured Moves

 Module 4 – Reversal and Continuation Patterns


Flags and Pennants


 Module 5 – Indicators


Price Oscillator

Relative Strength Index

Stochastic Oscillator

Moving Average Convergence Divergence 

On Balance Volume

Percent Price and Volume

 Module 6 – Portfolio Management

Investment Objectives

Risk Reward

Portfolio balance and construction options

 Module 7 – Portfolio Management

tSector Spread

Position Spread

Focussed investing

Tactical disciplines

Management Disciplines (stop losses and breakouts)

Risk assessment

Monitoring and review

Paper trading

Recording and tax management 

 Module 8 – Scanning the market  

Building a scan

Finding stocks by using scanning techniques

Setting up a watch list