Structured Course provided for ATAA Members

As of the beginning of 2015, ATAA no longer awards the ATAA Diploma, known as the Diploma in Technical Analysis, Dip TA (ATAA).

Currently the ATAA is preparing a new technical analysis course, based upon the areas of  IFTA CFTe syllabus, that will be run online. The course will be able to be undertaken in full, or in part.

For members of the ATAA, satisfactory completion of the entire course, including the examinations, will gain the award of the IFTA CFTe credential.  

Components of the course will also be able to be undertaken by interested parties, and used towards Professional Development credits.  The total or partial course will also be able to be undertaken without examination, for general interest.

The cases of individual students caught up in removal of the old ATAA Diploma, who commenced before 2015 in good faith, courses that no longer meet the IFTA requirements, will be considered by the ATAA upon application.

Until this new course is released, anticipated to be before the end of 2017, the method to obtain the IFTA CFTe qualification is to apply to IFTA to sit the IFTA CFTe examinations.