Here are a variety of "information snippets" that may help you in dealing with issues, problems and simply understanding some background information.


 Registration, Membership, Username, Passwords

Initial Registration as a
Member or Registered Visitor

We ask everyone wishing to join the association to register themselves on the ATAA website.

There are different membership categories along with “no charge” registrations. For paid membership there are multiple payment options. The registration process allows you to select a Username (up to twelve characters) and your own password (again with some standard requirements.

The registration pages have explanatory “help text” attached to each field. Some fields are optional, others are required. Feel free to explore the registration pages, you can always abandon the process at any time.

As you complete registration you will get automated emails to confirm you registration and any payment processes. Payment options include Credit card, PayPal (either single or auto renewal), Bank transfer, Cheque and even Cash (at a Chapter Meeting). As subscriptions approach the renewal date a reminder email will be sent. If you decide on an “Auto Renewal” option an email will always be sent to remind you that renewal will be processed so you will always have the option of changing your details.

The Registration pages can be accessed by pressing the light blue “Register” box on the top right of each web page. Why not register now?


Membership Renewal (or Upgrade)

We ask all members to renew their membership on the website.

Members can renew their subscriptions at any time during their membership and also even when renewal is overdue. There are also options available for some members to change their membership category. Any changes of membership to a different category, where there is a fee difference, are adjusted automatically on a pro-rata basis.

Payment options include Credit card, PayPal (either single or auto renewal), Bank transfer, Cheque and even Cash (at a Chapter Meeting).

To renew your membership logon to the website then go to the Membership Menu > Renew Your Subscription. (If you have forgotten your Username or Password, see the help topic below.)


Subscription Auto Renewal

 Our preferred method of subscription payment is by PayPal Auto Renewal. We will automatically send you an email well before the auto-renewal date, so you remain “in charge”. If you are not yet a user of PayPal it is a simple signup process, and you can connect your PayPal account to either your Credit Card or Bank account (or both). Go to the website: for details.


Registered Visitor-
Upgrade or Renewal

Registered Visitors can upgrade to a Membership category at any time. To upgrade your status, logon to the website then go to the Membership Menu > Renew Your Subscription. (If you have forgotten your Username or Password, see the help topic below.)

Registered Visitor status expires after 12 months but may be renewed as often as you wish.


Forgotten Username and/or

If you need to recover access to the website it is a simple process:

  • Go to the ATAA Website Login Screen.
  • Press “Forgot Login?”
  • This screen will be presented:



  • If you need a reminder for your Username:
    • Enter the email address you have registered with the ATAA. This email address will be on any email sent from the ATAA website.
    • The Username you have registered will be sent to you.
  • If you need a new Password:
    • Enter both your Username and your ATAA registered email address.
    • A new password will be generated and sent to your email address
  • You can then logon. Please then update the temporary password (see following).

Note: The ATAA Administrator can assist if you cannot find your registered email address and/or your Username, simply send an email with you name and address to


Changing your Username and/or

You are always able to change your Username and/or Password to something that has meaning for you.

Your Username must be no more than 12 characters and must also be unique on the website.

Your Password must be at least six characters. It must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase, one number and one special character. When you change your password, you need to enter your new password twice (to protect against a typo) and also your current password.

To change username and/or password, login to the website: go to Membership > Manage Your Membership > Edit Your Profile. A proposed new Username is tested immediately.


Reviewing and updating your
membership details

Your membership records are private to you and the management of the ATAA. We ask you to occasionally review the details held and update any changes in email address, residential and postal address etc. We also record your preferences for Newsletter and Chapter/SIG notices. Some records such as qualifications and Conference attendance are managed by

our Administration. This information is displayed to you but can only be updated via the Administrator. If you note any errors, please advise the Administrator via email at:


  Website Usage

Preferred Operating System The ATAA website is designed to work well on the Microsoft Operating systems from Vista onwards. It should work well on all other operating systems but this has not been tested.
Preferred Browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are preferred with all all versions from early 2015. Current Microsoft Internet Exporer (in 2015) will also work well, however Microsoft do not fully follow standard W3 protocols so there may be small issues from time to time.
Designed Screen sizes The website is designed to display best on screen sizes of 1280 x 768 and larger. A screen of 1920 x 1280 is ideal.
Mobile Phones The website is designed to be responsive and re-size to lower screen sizes including tablets and mobile phones.  This enables users to reads standard pages.  Some pages (typically member registration) are unsuitable for small screen sizes.