Advertising on the ATAA website

The ATAA website is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  It is visited by members of the ATAA from both Australia and around the world.  It is also visited by many other active traders/investors and people considering being involved in the financial markets.

The ATAA website has more than 300 active pages.  Your advertisement will appear on a random selection of pages, many at higher levels of the menu structure as well as at lower levels.  There are three sizes of advertisement and there is the option of requesting premium positioning.

Advertisement Specifications:

  • All advertisements must be in JPG or PNG format
  • Must not exceed 80 KB in size
  • Must not be flashing or animated
  • Must link to your professional website
  • Must comply with ATAA guidelines ("professional" in nature, providing a valued service)

Advertisement sizes:

  • Small:    275 x 200 px
  • Medium: 275 x 300 px
  • Large:    275 x 400 px
  • See the example sizes on the right of this page
  • All advertisements will appear on the right hand margin of ATAA webpages

For pricing of advertising and more details please contact the Director concerned at:

If you advertise with us we would be delighted if you would place a link back to the ATAA website on your website also.  Go to Link to Us for details.