The Australian Technical Analysts Association is for people who are interested in the analysis of financial instruments based on available market data. To invest or trade financial instruments in the markets, there are basically two approaches to assess opportunities: fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis looks at the financial statements and accounts and at various ratios, such as price to earnings (P/E), and uses this information to find opportunities to invest or trade. The problem with this is the reliability and timeliness of this data. News and information can also be factored in, to assess likely impact on the markets. However, some people have access to more information than do the public.

Technical analysis, on the other hand, is based on the premise that all relevant information is factored into the market price and volume, and analyses this information to predict likely future behaviour. Technical analysis deals in probabilities.

The ATAA is a diverse community and includes private investors, financial professionals, retired people managing their super funds, students, and others interested in technical analysis. The ATAA aims to provide a vibrant range of channels to support its members in achieving their goals.

The ATAA holds meetings each month in various chapters across Australia. It runs an annual conference addressed by local and international experts in TA, there are several special interest groups which meet in various locations to address particular aspects or techniques of TA, and workshops are arranged from time to time to address specialised topics. There is a national website that contains an enormous amount of information, presentations, blogs as well as a discussion forum to support members of ATAA.

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Technical analysis encompasses a range of systematic approaches of analysing market data from quantitative and deeply mathematical methods to patterns in prices identified centuries ago. Testing and evolving these techniques for modern markets that are continuously changing is a key pursuit of many technical analysts.

The ATAA also encompasses related areas such as risk management and investor and market psychology, as these are key to being successful in trading or investing with technical analysis.

The ATAA was established in 1990 and is affiliated with the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) that has member organisations in over twenty countries, and provides an internationally recognised certification in technical analysis.

If you are interested in technical analysis, whether an expert or new to these ideas, you will be most welcome to attend a chapter meeting and then join the ATAA.