Over several Board Meetings in 2009, the National Board set out to agree on Mission and Vision statements for the Association.  At each subsequent Board Meeting, the Mission and Vision statements have been reviewed and endorsed.

Mission and Vision statements are used by many organisations to encapsulate the "driving forces" of an organisation.

The Mission and Vision statements set out to be inspiring!

For the ATAA, the statements are designed to guide:

  • potential members on what to expect
  • current members on what to expect
  • Chapter Councillors on relevant meeting content
  • Board Members on developing strategies and setting priorities for the use of association resources and funds.

The Board agreed and adopted the following Mission Statement:

"To assist our members through mutual support, guidance and the sharing of knowledge to develop their confidence and proficiency in understanding and participating in financial markets by the application of Technical Analysis and related trading and investing skills."

The associated Vision Statement sets out the desired future state of our Association.  Given the reach of the Internet, it is purposely vague on geographic reach.

"We aim to be the foremost organisation for the advancement of and education in Technical Analysis and related trading and investing skills."