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Life Members

Life Members are elected by the National Board from time to time. The Board, on behalf of the association, seeks to recognise an individual ATAA member who has given substantial service to the Association and the Association's members.

  • Life Membership awarded May 2018
  • ATAA Member since Jul 2006
  • ATAA Director since Oct 2009
  • MEL Chapter Councillor since 2009
  • Phone : +613 9752 3681
Robert has been a dedicated and hard working member of the ATAA for many years. He became active on the Melbourne Council in Oct 2007. In the Melobourne Chapter, he has held the role of Council Secretary for most of those yerars, he has arranged or assisted in aarranging Chapter meeting. He has organised and/or participated in all the Expos and external events. He has promoted Chapter "huddles" and new  member integration. As a National Director he has regularly taken the role of Vice  President or Operations Manager.  He has bee a champion (and editor) of the ATAA Newsletter. He has worked on countless committees and has always involved himself in the detail and fully particpated. He has taken the…
  • Life Membership awarded Sep 2017
  • ATAA member since Oct 1997
  • Chapter Councillor since Nov 2008
  • Chapter President since Nov 2012
  • Phone : +614 286 5346
Dennis has been a dedicated ATAA Member for many years, and during his term of leadership at Newcastle Chapter has done an outstanding job of delivering a highly professional standard of meetings at Newcastle. This has included finding good speakers, often under difficult circumstances. Chapter Presidents know how challenging this task of finding good quality speakers can be, and Dennis has excelled in delivering a high standard of speakers on a good range of Technical Analysis subject matters. This has been well-received by the ATAA membership. Newcastle Chapter’s meeting attendances, relative to some other Capital City Chapters' meeting attendance numbers, are testament to the successful program which Newcastle Chapter is promoting and delivering under Dennis’s leadership. Dennis has shown strong…
  • ATAA Life Membership awarded Jul 2017
  • ATAA Member since May 2005
  • ATAA Board member from Oct 2008 to Oct 2013
  • PER Chapter councillor, since Nov 2007
  • Phone : +614 1993 0550
 Mary-Jean’s many years of dedication to the ATAA were acknowledged with the presentation of a Life Member Award at the Perth, WA, Chapter Meeting on 20 July 2017. Since joining the ATAA in May 2005, Mary-Jean (affectionately known to many people as just M.J.) has filled the role of Treasurer on the Perth Chapter Council for the past 11 years. During that time, she was also appointed to the National Board for five years, commencing October 2008. On the National Board, Mary-Jean’s organisational skills were utilised assisting with the ATAA National Conferences in Melbourne 2009, Brisbane 2010, Adelaide 2011 and Sydney 2013. Many conference delegates will remember Mary-Jean’s efforts at the door ensuring that no outsiders were allowed entry into…
  • ATAA Life Membership awarded Oct 2016
  • ATAA member since Sep 2001
John Beattie is being awarded life membership of the ATAA for his sincere dedication to and significant volunteer efforts on behalf of the association over many years. John has been a very active and enthusiastic member of the association over 15 years, an active member of the local Chapter Council for six years, and he has attended eight of the annual ATAA Conferences. John joined the ATAA, Melbourne Chapter, in September 2001. After seven years, he stepped up to become a Melbourne Chapter Councillor, and has been of invaluable assistance in many ways. John has always been very willing to help make Chapter meetings run smoothly (from setting up the meeting room, registration desk, posters and banners, to running the…
  • ATAA Life Membership awarded Sep 2015
  • ATAA Member since 1990
  • Phone : +612 8205 7470
David was a foundation member of the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA). In the early 1990s, he was sequentially Secretary, Newsletter Editor and ATAA Vice President. David was also involved in the early development of the forerunner of the Technical Analysis diploma. In 1995, he chaired the committee running the first ATAA Conference at the Sydney Gazebo Hotel. David Hunt’s specialties are Market Analysis, Charting, Elliott Wave Trading, WD Gann, Market Timing, Market Forecasting and ASX Share Market Advice. The experience David Hunt bases his expertise on is impressive, with over 35 years of stock market investing and trading and 26 years of trading and investing in currencies, ASX shares, commodities, interest rates, bonds, U.S. stocks and futures. Recognised within…
  • ATAA Life Membership awarded Aug 2014
  • ATAA Member since Jul 2002
  • ATAA National President, Mar 2009 - Dec 2012
  • ATAA Director, Oct 2008 - Oct 2014
  • Melbourne Chapter Councillor since 2003
  • Phone : +613 9889 3083
Robert was awarded an ATAA Life Membership for his service as a Director and National President. Robert also served on the IFTA Board from Oct 2011 to Oct 2014. Whilst on the Board, Robert provided Information Technology support and liaison with other organisations as well as general management. He also had a particular interest in the provision of speaker recordings from National Conferences. Robert has participated in the financial markets since 1992, first as a "fundamental" investor and later moving to Technical Analysis. In the technical analysis field he has moved towards quantitative trading, which he sees as the future of technical analysis given the increasing use of computers and mathematical algorithms. He is a Director and Investment Manager at…
  • ATAA Life Membership awarded Nov 2013
  • ATAA Member since Jan 1997
  • ATAA Director, Oct 2007 - Nov 2013, Mar 2016 -
  • Perth Chapter Councillor Dec 2005 - Dec 2013
  • ATAA Sec/Treasurer, May 2008 - Nov 2013, Mar 2016 -
  • Phone : +614 0966 2280
Louis was awarded an ATAA Life Membership for his service as a Director and work as Treasurer/Secretary from May 2008 to Dec 2013. Louis holds degrees in law and accounting and practised as a chartered accountant and insolvency practitioner. Now retired from the profession, Louis concentrates on assisting small businesses with their problems.
  • ATAA Life Membership awarded in Oct 2010
  • ATAA Member since Mar 1997
  • ATAA Director, Sep 2003-Sep 04, Oct 2015-Dec 16
  • Melbourne Chapter President since Mar 1999
  • Phone : +613 8804 1726
Paul has been the Melbourne Chapter President continuously since March 1999. During this long period, he has undertaken the tasks required of a Chapter President to underpin a large and successful Chapter. In that time, the Chapter has had three different venues and the "after meeting dinner" has had many more locations. Paul commenced trading and investing in the 1980s. While learning his craft, he attended many ASX and SFE lectures along with third party courses; during this time he met Neil Costa and was introduced to the ATAA. In due course he became a Financial Planner and following this, a Futures Broker with P G Mahoney and Associates.
  • ATAA Life Member awarded Oct 2010
  • ATAA Member since 1995
  • ATAA Director, Sep 2003 to Oct 2013
  • Perth Chapter President 1995 to 2006
  • Phone : +618 9330 3541
Jeff joined the ATAA in Perth and was elected President of the Perth Chapter very quickly. Over the years, he has been very active in the ATAA in the roles of Perth Chapter President from 1995 until 2006 and ATAA Board member from 2003 to 2013. During his time on the Board, he has filled the roles of Treasurer/Secretary, Vice President and Conference Convenor from 2005 to 2011. Jeff has used Technical Analysis for personal trading and in his family's SMSF for many years.
  • ATAA Life Membership awarded Oct 2009
  • ATAA Member since Oct 1996
  • ATAA National President, Oct 2004 to Mar 2009
  • ATAA Director, Sep 2003-Oct 09; Oct 2010-Oct 11
  • Adelaide Chapter President since Oct 1996
Charles served as ATAA National President from 2004 to 2009 and has been the South Australian ATAA Chapter President since 1996. From 1996 to 2007, he delivered lectures on technical analysis for the ATAA Diploma course conducted by SIA and FINSIA in South Australia. In 2003, he was presented with the FINSIA Lecturer of the Year award (SA).
  • ATAA Life Membership awarded Jun 2007
  • ATAA member since Feb 1995
No data collected as yet.
  • ATAA Life Membership awarded Jun 2004
  • ATAA Member since Nov 1994
  • ATAA Director, Oct 1995-Oct 2004; Oct 200-Oct 2010
  • ATAA Vice-President, Dec 1998 - Oct 2004
Larry Lovrencic is a trader, a teacher, an author, an international speaker and has appeared several times on television as a guest on the Your Money, Your Call program on the Sky News Business Channel. He was a Technical Analyst for the ForexTrading.TV online FX news channel, which was based in London. Larry is a founding member, a member of the Management Committee and a Vice President of the Australian Professional Technical Analysts (Inc) ( ). He is a Life Member, a former member of the Board of Directors and a former National Vice President of the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA).
  • ATAA Life Membership awarded Jun 2003
  • ATAA Member since Jun 1994
  • Phone : +614 1925 5905
A legal practitioner with 26 years of experience in private commercial practice, Anthony served on public company boards and as chairman of an audit committee. He is a keen supporter of CanTeen having learnt of its activities from his friendship with the former Company Secretary. He has been a supporter ever since. When Tony first joined the ATAA committee, it was a state-based organisation incorporated under state legislation. He was active in converting it into a public company limited by guarantee and was one of the directors of this new company. That was the beginning of its transformation into a national organisation. He was a long-standing Director and later Vice President of the ATAA.
  • ATAA Life Membership awarded Oct 2000
  • ATAA Member since 1990 (Foundation)
  • ATAA National President Nov 1996 to Oct 2000
  • ATAA Director, 1991-Oct 2000, Nov 2002-Sep 2003
  • Sydney Chapter President 2003 to 2010
  • Phone : +612 9439 9724
Colin Nicholson's ATAA Life Membership awarded was awarded in October 2000 for service as an ATAA Director, including his work in creating and teaching the two ATAA Diploma courses with the SIA, FINSIA and Kaplan. He served as NSW State President, Sydney Chapter President and Councillor from 2003 to 2010. Colin holds a degree in Economics, a graduate diploma in Applied Finance and Investment and is a Senior Fellow of FINSIA.