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The National Board has resolved to commence awarding Fellowships to ATAA members who make a substantial technical contribution to the work of the association.

The contribution will be judged by a panel of three senior members who shall be appointed by the National Board from time-to-time.

The basic criteria will be in two parts:

  • Two different presentations of at least one hour's duration each to a members meeting that is judged to be of a high standard.  The presentation, in PowerPoint or similar form, will need to be forwarded to the nominated leader of the panel at least two weeks prior to the presentation.  The panel may discuss the presentation with you prior to it being presented.  A copy of each presentation must be provided for distribution on the ATAA website.
  • Three written articles on a technical analysis or closely related area accepted by the Fellowship panel and the ATAA website editors for publication in the contributors section of the ATAA website.

The operation of the Fellowship program will commence on 1 September 2016.  Presentations and published articles submitted prior to this date do not qualify.

An ATAA member qualified as a Fellow may use the post nominal F.ATAA.

Members who are awarded a Fellowship will be celebrated below: