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Sam Khawaja, Chapter Vice-President

  • ATAA member since since Mar 2013
  • Board member Oct 2014 to Mar 2017
  • Chapter Councillor since Jun 2014
  • Chapter Vice-President since Oct 2015

I have often asked myself the question: Who am I?
A question you may have asked yourself a dozen or more times.... who am I?
I am a cash flow generator passionate about lifestyle, about living lifestyle and everything else revolves around this core lifestyle. Health, well being,
My cash flow lifestyle is precious and adds a stimulus to my existence. This puts the “S” in my simple lifestyle and the “F” in our interactions. Oh yes, “F” stands for free lifestyle in case you are wondering on unchartered or uncharted territory.
On a sunny beautiful day I meant weekdays I agree with my lifestyle to spend time with myself and with my soul. I am keen to do away from computer screen in a bid to –enhance my lifestyle and generate cash flow by CC.
Sam Khwaja is a successful Private Client trader for Time Traders Pty Ltd Australia and has over 25 years experience in financial markets.
Sam generates monthly income for a lifestyle living with minimum time in front of screen.
Sam holds a Master of Science from Wollongong University, a Diploma of Financial Planning, ADA1 and ADA2 from Kaplan (previously FINSIA). Sam was a successful Financial Planner with various corporations including Westpac for 18 years.