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Chapter Council - Sydney

Chapter Councillors serve in a voluntary capacity.  The Council administers the affairs of the Chapter in accord with the ATAA Constitution, Board Documented Policies and the Guidelines for ATAA Chapters. If you are interested in serving on the Chapter Council please contact the Chapter President.

  • ATAA member since Jul 2013
  • ATAA Director since Nov 2017
  • Chapter Councillor since Nov 2018
  • ATAA member since
  • Chapter councillor since Nov 2019
  • SYD Chapter Secretary since Nov 2019
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  • ATAA member since since Mar 2013
  • Board member Oct 2014 to Mar 2017
  • Chapter Councillor since Jun 2014
  • Chapter Vice-President since Oct 2015
I have often asked myself the question: Who am I? A question you may have asked yourself a dozen or more times.... who am I? I am a cash flow generator passionate about lifestyle, about living lifestyle and everything else revolves around this core lifestyle. Health, well being, My cash flow lifestyle is precious and adds a stimulus to my existence. This puts the “S” in my simple lifestyle and the “F” in our interactions. Oh yes, “F” stands for free lifestyle in case you are wondering on unchartered or uncharted territory. On a sunny beautiful day I meant weekdays I agree with my lifestyle to spend time with myself and with my soul. I am keen to do away…
  • ATAA Member since Nov 1995
  • Board Member since Mar 2015
Darryl is a lawyer, having been admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW in 1970. For 30 years, he was a corporate lawyer for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Having established his own SMSF in 2006, he specialises in the law governing SMSFs, with an RG146 in Superannuation and SMSFs. He is an Authorised Representative under an AFSL. He served for 10 years on the committee of the Australian Corporate Lawyers Association, and served as CEO of Brothers and Sisters in Law, a lawyer member association. Over the past decade, Darryl has provided international education seminars and workshops in technical analysis for three companies.
  • ATAA member since Mar 2013
  • SYD Chapter Secretary til Nov 2019
  • SYD Chapter President since Nov 2019
  • Chapter Councillor since Oct 2017
Karen began trading in 2003, learning from books and seminars on share trading and strategies. Today she trades FX and equities on the ASX and Shanghai Stock Exchange with a focus on price action. Karen is a regular contributor to the Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis newsletter published by She believes that trading is a journey not a destination.
  • ATAA member since Feb 2013
  • Chapter Councillor since Nov 2016
  • Chapter President since Nov 2016
I am, today, a private trader. My professional career spanning over 35 years was in major corporate Financial Services, covering a diverse range of roles including: Banking and Finance; Treasury Banking – Foreign Exchange and Money Market and Derivatives; Corporate Investor Relations;  Superannuation Administration;  Project Manager / Business Analyst. I have traded my own account full-time since 2010. I have been using algorithm-based Rules Based Trading Systems since 2003, and today devote a significant portion of my working time to Trading System design and the ongoing development of Rules Based Trading Systems. I use Amibroker as my chosen Share Analysis software, and predominantly trade the ASX using CFDs.