Chapter Council - Remote Online

Chapter Councillors serve in a voluntary capacity.  The Council administers the affairs of the Chapter in accord with the ATAA Constitution, Board Documented Policies and the Guidelines for ATAA Chapters. If you are interested in serving on the Chapter Council please contact the Chapter President.

  • ATAA member since May 2007
  • Chapter Councillor since Sep 2017
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  • ATAA member since May 2017
  • Chapter Councillor since Sep 2017
My financial education commenced in 2008, post GFC, though I have only been applying technical analysis since 2017. As a beginner in the field of technical analysis, I appreciate the challenges that beginner traders face in terms of developing skills and identifying quality education in the field, and hope to bring this experience to my role in the ATAA. In addition to being a part-time trader, I work as a lawyer in private practice.
  • ATAA member since Mar 2003
  • Chapter Councillor since Sep 2017
  • Sunshine Coast Chapter President 2006-2011
  • Phone : +614 0204 7154
Tony is a qualified civil engineer with a keen personal interest in algorithmic trading and machine learning applications for trading.
  • ATAA member since Aug 2009
  • Chapter Councillor since Sep 2017
  • Phone : +617 5443 2912
Gregory was a part time trader for almost twenty years before taking on the role as trustee of his SMSF. He manages his trading using quantitative trading systems which are maintained and updated as the structure of financial markets continues to evolve. Greg has always appreciated the need for lifelong learning to keep education relevant and up to date and for constant research as trading has moved from the chalk board to automated trading.
  • ATAA Member since Nov 1995
  • Board Member Feb 2015 - Nov 2015, Oct 2017 -
  • SYD Councillor Oct 2017 -
  • Phone : +614 1233 3973
Darryl is a lawyer; admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW in 1970. For 30 years, he was a corporate lawyer for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Having established his own SMSF in 2006, he specialises in the law governing SMSFs, with an RG146 in Superannuation and SMSFs. He is an Authorised Representative under an AFSL. He served for 10 years on the committee of the Australian Corporate Lawyers Association, and served as CEO of Brothers and Sisters in Law, a lawyer member association. Over the past decade, Darryl has provided education seminars and workshops in technical analysis for 3 companies, internationally.