Chapter Councillors


Chapter Councillors serve in a voluntary capacity.  The Council administers the affairs of the Chapter in accord with the ATAA Constitution, Board Documented Policies and the Guidelines for ATAA Chapters. If you are interested in serving on the Chapter Council please contact the Chapter President.

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Name: Dennis O'Flynn
Subscription date: 02-10-1997
Post Nominals: Dip TA (ATAA)
State: New South Wales
Profile: Dennis has been a dedicated ATAA Member for many years, and during his term of leadership at Newcastle Chapter has done an outstanding job of delivering a highly professional standard of meetings at Newcastle. This has included finding good speakers, often under difficult circumstances. Chapter Presidents know how challenging this task of finding good quality speakers can be, and Dennis has excelled in delivering a high standard of speakers on a good range of Technical Analysis subject matters. This has been well-received by the ATAA membership. Newcastle Chapter’s meeting attendances, relative to some other Capital City Chapters' meeting attendance numbers, are testament to the successful program which Newcastle Chapter is promoting and delivering under Dennis’s leadership. Dennis has shown strong leadership with the management of the Newcastle Chapter, and is backed by a very committed Council which supports his leadership.